Preeti to Unicode

Preeti to Unicode Converter, converts traditional, old Nepali font Preeti to new Nepali Unicode. As Unicode is a machine-readable font, which is widely used in email, the internet, and smart devices nowadays. Any Nepali font in Nepali Unicode is easily displayed on any computer and smartphone however Preeti font looks like a random English alphabet while using it without its font installed. It is an excellent idea to convert Preeti to Unicode so you can send it in email like Preeti font to Unicode before sending or publishing any document in email or the internet.

This Converter is even capable to convert text into Microsoft Word copyable without changing its orginal format. (still in testing)

How to use Preeti to Unicode converter?

Just type Preeti font text in the left or top box which is under "Your Text to Convert:" after you typed or paste your Preeti font text its converted text will be on the Right/Bottom side of your screen under "Converted Text :". After getting converted text, just click on the text box where converted text is present and then press CTRL + A to select all text and CTRL+ C to copy and paste or use it anywhere you want.

How our converter is different from others?

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